Legend of Zelda inspired puzzle game. There is an overworld implemented with two
dungeons. This game was built for the WASM4 game jam.

You seek the ability to control the elements! Find the magic wands of COOLDNESS and WETNESS to change the world! Explore a "vast" overworld with backtracking and shortcuts to find both dungeons.

When you reach the fork in the road, go down for the first, easier, dungeon or up for the second, harder, dungeon. The dungeons can be played in either order but the water dungeon is intended to be completed first for the ability and the difficulty. Once you complete the lower dungeon, you will be taken back to the starting house where you may want to search for a shortcut to the harder lava dungeon.

BE WARNED: The harder dungeon is extremely difficult!

- You can exit and reenter a room to reset the puzzle in the case of a unsolvable configuration or mistake 
- Have FUN!


  • Arrow keys for movement 
  • Hold X for ability selection (once unlocked)
    • Arrow keys to select ability
    • Release X to use

Source code:
Game Source: https://github.com/restitux/spectral-control

Python Map Data Generator: https://github.com/restitux/w4-tiled-converter

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsSpaceman1701, restitux
Tagswasm-4, wasm4


cart.wasm 45 kB


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What a neat little puzzler! You've managed to do a lot with only a few mechanics.

Bug detection squad report. I had to reset the game a few times.

  • The first one I was victim of my morbid curiosity: I stood on a platform and froze the water under it.
  • The second time I exited a room to reset it, ended up in a room where a conveyor belt was leading right into the exit I had returned through, and got stuck (the room where you put three blocks on conveyors right up to the exit, with the other conveyor going down the middle).
  • The third time I was holding some movement keys when I walked into an exit and seemed to end up changing rooms diagonally, or at any rate ended up stuck in the wall in a room's corner.
  • Then a fourth time I teleported into the right side of a room with two boxes and pushed them wrongly, without access to the room's exit (having gotten the item from the top dungeon, but not from the bottom one).
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Awesome! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the reports! Sorry you ran into quite a few. We were fixing movement bugs up until the wire on what seemed like the fourth for fifth rewrite of the game's movement system. Non grid aligned player + grid aligned blocks == pain.

On your fourth issue, you can at least rest somewhat easily knowing that was the last puzzle in that dungeon. You didn't miss anything after that.